How To Answer “What Do You Do?” In A Way That Attracts (Not Repels!) Your Ideal Clients

Here’s How To Be Sure You’re Not (Unknowingly) Repelling Clients…

How many times a week do YOU get asked, “So, EXACTLY what do you do?” by someone who doesn’t really “get” the coaching thing?

Answer the ❌WRONG (“client-confusing”) way, and it will COST you money. (Yikes!)

Answer the ⚡RIGHT (“client-attracting”) way, and it will get you SALES. (Yay!)

Here are some WRONG examples:

❌“I’m a heart-centered happiness practitioner” or,
❌“I’m a fitness and nutrition coach” or,
❌“I help women open their souls to receive true love”

I can hear you now… “WAIT; what?? Those answers show 💞HEART and SOUL and MISSION. . .

“So, why are they the WRONG way???” (You ask.) 😳🤔

Answer: Because they are VAGUE and/or MUDDLED.

And when clients are CONFUSED by vague or muddled messages, they DO NOT BUY.

You may have an amazing mission and calling, and you may be the best coach around…

But if you’re not CLEARLY conveying that to potential clients, they won’t know that they should choose you.

So How Do We FIX This?

Let’s start with a super-simple, CUSTOMER-FOCUSED “formula” for answering “What do you do?” — a formula that highlights the transformational BENEFITS our clients will experience when they work with you.

Ready? Here’s The “Formula”:


(You can add multiple benefits, but I would not recommend more than three.)

👉The “specific target audience” is your NICHE. (And the narrower, the better — but that’s a whole other post!) 😉

👉The “transformational outcome” is just that — the transformation your clients will achieve after working with you.

👉And the “benefits” are the clients’ WHY’s. (WHY do they want to achieve the transformation? Hint: It’s usually to stop the PAIN of a problem they are having, or to experience a PLEASURE that they deeply desire. Get SPECIFIC on this and paint a VIVID mental picture.)

Let’s Do A Few Examples:

1️⃣ ❌Instead of, “I'm a heart-centered happiness practitioner”, try this:

⚡I help [women stuck in soul-sucking jobs] [connect with their true calling and build a profitable business around it] so they can [ditch their stressful corporate job] and [make a prosperous living doing what makes them happy].

2️⃣ ❌Instead of “I'm a fitness and nutrition coach”, try this:

⚡I help [brand new moms] [lose the baby weight fast] so they can [fit into their skinny jeans again] and [feel fab when their hubby takes them out on the town].

3️⃣ ❌Instead of, “I help women open their souls to receive true love”, try this:

⚡I help [divorced women over 40] [learn to believe in love again] so they can [stop feeling lonely and mistrustful] and [manifest the true love of their life].

Get the idea?

You gotta GET SPECIFIC and talk in language your CLIENT UNDERSTANDS — and that highlights the BENEFIT to them.

This ONE change in how you talk about your services will ATTRACT your 💞“soul clients” like bees to the honeypot -- because, when you get the messaging right, EVERYTHING changes...

Throw YOUR “formula” into the comments; I’d be happy to give you any feedback!

What To Do Next

You do amazing, important, transformative work — but is your MESSAGING clearly conveying that?

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