How To Get 17 New Subscribers A Day With Zero Paid Advertising

That “guilty pleasure”…

Taking a quiz on Facebook on an afternoon you should be working.

I know I’ve done it! Whether it was to find out what “Downton Abbey character” I would be (Sybil!), or what my interior design IQ was (oops), we all love quizzes.

But quizzes aren’t just fun diversions; they are an extremely powerful tool to grow your email list — and your coaching or consulting business. Whether you are a dating & relationship coach, a fitness & nutrition coach, a business coach, a spiritual coach, or any other type of consultant or service-based business, a quiz builder can explode your email list growth.

In fact, the very first day I published my quiz in some of my Facebook groups, I gained 17 new leads, without paying one dime for advertising!

It was all organic sharing. (People LOVE quizzes!)

Interested In Learning How A Personality Quiz Can Work For Your Coaching Business? Read On!

When I was first starting out with my coaching/consulting business, I was looking for an idea for a lead magnet. I already offered a free 45-minute masterclass, but I wanted something fun and light that would also showcase what I could do for my clients.

My coaching centers on helping women coaches & consultants to get clarity around their mission, inner power, and uniqueness — and then translating that into a message that acts like a magnet to their dreamy, ideal clients.

So naturally, I thought of a personality quiz.

My master’s degree is in counseling, so I am more than familiar with multiple “personality tests”. I began to think about how I could identify "core personalities” (like in the Meyers-Briggs, for example) and map them to certain “personal brand” styles and styles of communication.

Exciting stuff!

But…how to deliver this quiz? And how to capture the emails of my quiz-takers, so that I could grow a relationship with them (and possibly turn them into clients)?

After a quick bit of research, it became clear that Interact was the program for me. Not only was it extremely robust (yet easy to use), but it also integrated seamlessly with my insanely amazing email service provider, Convertkit. Done deal!

Here’s How It Works:

When someone finishes your quiz, they are presented with an opt-in form — meaning, they are asked to put in their email address before they get their results.

(You can also set up the quiz to allow quiz-takers to skip this step; you will get fewer opt-ins, but those who do will be much more engaged. I’d recommend this.)

It’s simple to set up tags inside Convertkit (or dozens of other email service providers that Interact integrates with). You can then set up a special email sequence for your followers — or, like I did, an individual sequence for each of the personality types.

My experience has been that I’m not only getting high quality leads from my quiz, I’m also gaining valuable insight into what my potential clients want and need from me.

You can see the quiz I created here: 10 Question. 10 Distinct Brand Voices. What’s Yours?

What Do You Think? Ready To Try Your Own Quiz?

See How Easy It Is With My Step-By-Step Tutorial Below…

Tutorial For Building an Online Quiz in 12 Easy Steps

Not a techie? Intimidated by “integrations” and all those other terrifying tech words? 😉

Not to worry. Interact has you covered — it’s a piece of cake. (And, I’ll do a little tech-splainin’ to help you out!)

Step 1: Log into your Interact account.

Step 2: Click on “Create New Quiz” button in the upper righthand corner.

Step 3: From here, you can start a new quiz from scratch, or, if you’re a quiz newbie, you can choose one of their beautiful templates. (For ease of learning in this tutorial, we’ll continue with a template.

build your email list with online quizzes without paid advertising.png

Step 4: Choose your category (there are categories for every possible industry imaginable!).

Step 5: Choose which type of quiz you want to use: Assessment, Personality, or Scored.

Personally, I absolutely love personality quizzes, and I’ll happily hand over my email address whenever I take one…

The allure of this type of quiz is that we all love to find out more about — well, ourselves! Plus, it offers the promise of giving your quiz-takers some insight that can help them solve their problems.

Step 6: Choose the template you like best.

You can sort the templates alphabetically, or by conversion rate (go with that!).

Step 7: Set up the opt-in form and lead capture. (This is very important!)

  • First, customize your opt-in form with the data you want to collect. (Hint: collect the absolute minimum you can; the less info the quiz-takers have to give you, the more likely they are to opt in. I suggest email only, or email and first name.)

  • Also customize the opt-in button by changing it to your brand colors.

  • Be sure to do two things on your opt-in form: 1) Let quiz-takers know that they will see their results immediately after entering their email address; and 2) Assure them that you’ll be sending them personalize tips based on their results (and that they can unsubscribe at any time).

  • Select your email service provider (I use Convertkit), and connect it. (Interact gives unbelievably step-by-step results for dozens of email providers; you won’t have any trouble if you can follow simple directions.)

  • Choose the email list to send subscribers to, and/or tags to add. For example, I have 10 “Distinct Brand Voices” in my quiz; so I have an email list (“sequence” in Convertkit) for each brand voice. Interact allows me to “map” my quiz-takers’ results to the proper list so that I can send them customized emails based on their personality type.

use convertkit best email autoresponder with quiz builder interact.png

Step 8: Design your quiz cover.

This part is so much fun!

Interact Quiz Builder allows you to upload your own photos, customize your brand colors, and even add logos. The result is that your quiz will end up looking just like all your other branded material.

I created my quiz cover using my favorite (free!) design tool, Canva. I found a pictorial representation of each of my 10 “distinctive brand voices”, and used them on my cover to pique my readers’ interest and stimulate their curiosity.

Step 9: Create your questions, and the corresponding answers. A couple of tips as you work through this process:

  • Keep it to between 5-10 questions. You want enough questions to get an accurate result, but not enough so that the quiz-takers lose interest.

  • Keep it conversational. As with any copywriting, you want to write like you talk. Make sure the questions are clear and easy to understand, and that the answers aren’t ambiguous or confusing.

After you load in your questions and answers, you will click on “Edit Results Correlations” (see screenshot below) to “map” the answers to the right quiz result. Interact makes this a snap.

Step 10: Design your results page.

This is the page quiz-takers see after opting in with their email. Make sure you give valuable information that makes your new subscriber happy that she handed over her email address!

You can customize this page with your own images, branding, etc. (just like in all the other sections of the quiz builder).

Most importantly at the end is a “call-to-action” button, urging your quiz-taker to take the next step with you. Be sure to link this to something that will draw them deeper into your tribe: a blog post, a sales page to a program you offer, etc.

Finally, Interact has automatically included a “share” button, so your quiz-takers can share their results on social media. (Score!)

Here’s one of my Distinct Brand Voice Quiz results pages:

Step 11: Publish (and get ready for a massive influx of leads!)

Interact Quiz Builder makes it easy to share your quiz. You can embed it on your website, share it across social media, make a pop-up for your website, and even create a Facebook ad format from right within the builder.

My advice is to put it everywhere your ideal clients might find it.

use a personality quiz as a lead magnet for your coaching business.png

Step 12: Understand your analytics, and adjust quiz to increase conversion.

Interact makes it extremely easy to see your quiz results and analytics, so that you can make improvements (such as in your call-to-action or your copywriting) to increase your leads.

You can see from just one week of my quiz, I have had 125 views (all organic — no paid advertising!), and that my conversion rate is 68.5%! That’s amazing!

increase lead magnet conversion rate with personality quizzes for your coaching business.png

In SUmmary…

If you are a coach, consultant, or mentor looking to increase your leads and build your email list, I strongly recommend using Interact Quiz Builder to create a fun, entertaining lead magnet.

Personality quizzes help you learn more about the audience you want to serve, so you can create programs, courses, and retreats that your clients actually want to buy.

What’s Next?

If you’re ready to build your first quiz (why wouldn’t you be?!), check out Interact. They have four pricing tiers, including a free for life plan.

Start converting your audience, while also learning more about them — and giving them a fun diversion from their afternoon work. 😘