How To Get Your Prospective Clients To Ask YOU For The Sale (And Pay In Full)

This very moment, you have the EXACT words you are meant to say to your dreamy, ideal “soul clients” that will utterly captivate 💞them…

You have the words inside you that will make them say, “Wait — what? $3000 is all you charge?! I thought I’d be paying way more. Can I sign up now? Here’s my card.” 💳

You have the words inside you that will make them say, “$5000 isn’t a deposit?! It’s full payment?? Sign me up NOW, please!”

You have inside you the exact words to elicit those responses from your prospects…

The words that will have them asking YOU for the sale…and paying in full. 💵

How? (You Ask.)

Well, you may not believe it, but you are a NATURAL communicator…a natural SALES specialist.

The problem is that no one has really told you that.

So I’m telling you now. 😘

And It All Starts With Asking Yourself These Two Questions:

“What incredible TRANSFORMATION will happen in my client’s life as a result of working with me?” and

“How can I communicate this transformation in a way that OVERPOWERS THE FEAR they are feeling about investing in themselves?”

Then let ALL your marketing (copywriting, social media, sales conversations — everything) flow from the answers to those two questions.

Once you start seeing that —

AND seeing the WORTH of your work —

Your dreamy soul clients will start seeing it, too…and asking YOU if they can sign up NOW — and pay IN FULL.

So go start captivating your clients, my sweet communicators! 😘

What To Do Next

Are YOU in confident in your ability to clearly communicate YOUR 🎁GIFTS?

You do amazing, important, transformative work — but is your MESSAGING clearly conveying that?

If you’re ready to step into your power, to communicate your GIFTS in a way that attracts your ideal clients, explore one of the four ways to work with me.

Each begins with a comprehensive assessment of your current situation, and an an actionable plan to get you to your desired destination.

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I Help Coaches & Experts Get Out Of Obscurity, Become The ONE & ONLY Choice For Their Ideal Clients, And Attract Consistent Four- And Five-Figure Sales Each Month.

I help them design, build, and grow their businesses by focusing on four key pillars: clear MISSION, clear MESSAGING, clear STRATEGY, and clear VISIBILITY. 

With my help, they learn how to:

Position themselves as AUTHORITIES (even if they are brand new),
Attract a steady stream of clients (and cash flow!) through vivid, MAGNETIC marketing
Strategize in a way that makes sense for THEIR business (NO cookie-cutter coaching from me!)

Think of me as part copywriter + communication consultant, part business strategist, part visibility expert, and ALL cash flow alchemist. 😘

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