The REAL Reason You Get Objections On Your Sales Calls (And How To OVERCOME Them)

I’ve heard them all 😩(and maybe you have, too?). . .

👉“I know I need your services. . .I just can’t pay right now.”
👉“I love what you do. . .but I’m saving up, so maybe in a couple months?”

Those kinds of objections are SO discouraging to coaches with bills to pay NOW. . .and nothing in the bank. (I have sooooo been there…)

What I failed to realize at the time, however, was the REAL reason I was getting all those objections…

(Hint: It had NOTHING to do with my prospects’ ability to pay, and EVERYTHING to do with [gulp] ME.)

You see, what was behind those objections was FEAR. 😨

My prospective clients were subconsciously telling me, “I am not confident that I have the power to do what is necessary to succeed; therefore, I’m not investing in myself.”

They may have been SPEAKING the words, “I can’t afford it”, but they were SAYING, “I’m FEARFUL that I can’t DO it.”

What My Prospective Clients Needed…

What those prospective clients needed from me was to help them SEE THEIR POWER AND POTENTIAL…

THEIR fear was of not succeeding — but MY fear was of not making the sale. . .so I didn’t point out to them the REAL reason behind their objection.

The (happy) irony is that, once I began directing the conversation to the true CAUSE of the objection — well, THAT is when I started making more sales.

Why? Because my prospective clients now saw ME as someone who SAW THE POTENTIAL IN THEM.

(And as someone who would CHALLENGE THE RESISTANCE that was holding them back.)

Remember, the objections you get are NEVER about the 💵money…

They are ALWAYS about the perception of ⚡power.

Once your prospective clients hear from you that they CAN DO IT, the objections melt away…

And the money lands in your bank. 💰😘

What To Do Next

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