This Is How You REALLY Fix Your Mindset…

So many of us (myself included!) have spent weeks (months? years?) working on ‘fixing our mindset”…

We’ve journaled, tapped, tried to clear our “money blocks”…we’ve gotten in touch with the limiting beliefs implanted in our subconscious minds from childhood.

But how many of us have actually journaled or tapped our way to $50k a month?  (If you have; good on ya!) 😘

Mike Dillard (multi-millionaire entrepreneur) once told a story about how his mentor advised him, “Mike, if you want to make $50,000 a month, you need to become a person CAPABLE of making $50,000 a month.”

Duh…seems obvious, right?

But It’s Actually PROFOUND In Its Simplicity…

What Mike Dillard’s mentor was actually saying was that Mike needed to learn to DELIVER.  

He needed to deliver the ENERGY and the BEHAVIOR of a $50k a month entrepreneur…and when he did, the MONEY followed.

The same goes for us as coaches and consultants — doesn’t matter what field you’re in: relationship coaching, business coaching, life coaching, or health coaching…

If you want to make $50k a month — or even just $5k a month — you need to become CAPABLE of earning that amount. . .

And you become capable by DELIVERING.

For coaches and consultants, delivering the energy and behavior of a high-end mentor looks like this:  YOUR CLIENTS GET RESULTS. 

So What’s Stopping YOU From Delivering?

Are you spending too much time “working on” your mindset (or your funnels, or your branding, or…)?

Are you letting perfectionism (which is really just fear in a different outfit) keep you spinning your wheels?

Are you hiding behind your pretty branding instead of getting VISIBLE and speaking your truth?

Want to know how to fix this?



Start by spending less time on mindset exercises, and more time on laser-focused ACTIVITIES that GET RESULTS for your clients.

Because, when your clients win, the CONFIDENCE that will surge through you will BLOW YOU AWAY… 

It becomes a virtuous cycle:

Your clients’ RESULTS —>> Your own reinforced CONFIDENCE —>> A big CASH sale —>> Your continued EXCELLENCE in serving your clients —>> Your clients’ even BETTER RESULTS —>> Your over-the-top CONFIDENCE —>> An even bigger CASH sale…

And on it goes…

This is the ENERGY and BEHAVIOR of a mentor/coach/consultant delivering from EXCELLENCE…

This is a woman who has become CAPABLE of making $5k a month (or $50k a month).

And when this happens, you’ll quickly find that you don’t need to spend all kinds of time working on “fixing” your mindset. . .

(It was never broken in the first place.)

What To Do Next

If you’re ready to step into your role as a gifted expert. . .if you’re ready to own your power and your value. . .if you’re ready to start charging what you’re worth. . .

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I Help Coaches & Experts Get Out Of Obscurity, Become The ONE & ONLY Choice For Their Ideal Clients, And Attract Consistent Four- And Five-Figure Sales Each Month.

I help them design, build, and grow their businesses by focusing on four key pillars: clear MISSION, clear MESSAGING, clear STRATEGY, and clear VISIBILITY. 

With my help, they learn how to:

Position themselves as AUTHORITIES (even if they are brand new),
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Think of me as part copywriter + communication consultant, part business strategist, part visibility expert, and ALL cash flow alchemist. 😘

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