Why I Thought Everything Was My Fault

Do you sometimes feel like a case study for UN-success — no $3k, $5k (and forget $10k!) months? So did I. ☹

And you know what the worst part was?

The worst part WASN’T that I didn’t make much money…

It wasn't that I was ‘churning without earning’…

It wasn't that I was overwhelmed with the seemingly endless “to do” lists…

The worst part was seeing OTHER people making EASY $5k, $10k — even $20k months!

People whose websites were not as pretty, who had NO followers, or who didn’t even seem to really have it ‘together’…

And then thinking: “What is WRONG with me?? This must all be MY fault.”

(Because, “My mentor is making 6 figures, so why can’t I even break 5?! How hard can this really be?!”)


From someone who’s been on both sides of the table, I can tell you with authority: The problem is NOT you.

The problem is that you are not in the right PROGRAM.

That’s it.

The moment I shifted direction and invested in 1:1 mentoring that focused on ME and MY GIFTS 🎁— instead of cookie cutter courses advising me that I had to do [insert any number of ‘systems’ here: webinars, email lists, sales funnels, etc.]…

That is the moment when it all changed.

Because then, I could finally 💚TRUST myself, my intuition, and my unique gifts — and that is exactly what I needed to turn the tables.

That’s the power of The First Sale (which is selling YOU to YOU)…

(Because, how can you sell your service [and receive 💵$$$💵with ease], when you are not first sold on YOURSELF? Answer: You can’t.)

The minute you make The First Sale — when you sell YOU to YOU — all the doubt falls away, all the ‘comparisonitis’ falls away, and all the guilt of “It’s all my fault” falls away, too.

What is left is simply learning to confidently COMMUNICATE why your gifts are beyond compare — and that is a skill that ANYONE can learn…

Especially you. 😘

What To Do Next

If you’re ready to step into your power, to finally start doing business YOUR way, explore one of the four ways to work with me.

Each begins with a comprehensive assessment of your current situation, and an an actionable plan to get you to your desired destination.

My gift is to see YOUR gift — and to help you learn how CONFIDENTLY, CLEARLY communicate it to your ideal clients — so that five-figure months become the norm, not the goal. 😘 Click the button below to get started.

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I Help Coaches & Experts Get Out Of Obscurity, Become The ONE & ONLY Choice For Their Ideal Clients, And Attract Consistent Four- And Five-Figure Sales Each Month.

I help them design, build, and grow their businesses by focusing on four key pillars: clear MISSION, clear MESSAGING, clear STRATEGY, and clear VISIBILITY. 

With my help, they learn how to:

Position themselves as AUTHORITIES (even if they are brand new),
Attract a steady stream of clients (and cash flow!) through vivid, MAGNETIC marketing
Strategize in a way that makes sense for THEIR business (NO cookie-cutter coaching from me!)

Think of me as part copywriter + communication consultant, part business strategist, part visibility expert, and ALL cash flow alchemist. 😘

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