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I Teach You How To Package Your Expertise & Get Fully-Booked With Ideal Clients At PREMIUM Rates.

UNLOCK Your Unique Story.
Craft CLEAR, Magnetic Content.
Package & Profit From Your Expertise So You Can Take Back Your FREEDOM & Your Life

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Aspiring, New, Or Evolving Coaches Or Consultants:

Do Any Of These Sound Like You?

  • Do you feel like you have so much expertise to help others, but you just can’t seem to “package” it into an enticing offer that people actually buy?

  • Is explaining what you do complicated, or do you struggle with writing compelling content that attracts the right clients?

  • Are you discouraged seeing less-qualified or less-experienced coaches or consultants consistently signing clients?

  • Or perhaps you haven’t even started your coaching business, because you’re overwhelmed with #AllTheThings, and you’re on information overload…

  • Are you ready to finally step into a life of freedom and income security with a coaching or consulting business — and do you want to be fully-booked with ideal clients paying a premium rate for your services?

If You Answered “Yes” To Any Of The Above, You Are Absolutely In The Right Place…

Your work MATTERS. You transform lives!

But if you aren’t capturing the attention of your ideal clients, they can’t find you and hire you…and you can’t do your important work.

I can help you build (or start!) a thriving coaching business that is FULLY-BOOKED with ideal clients paying a PREMIUM rate for the amazing transformation you offer them…

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I Teach You How To Package Your Expertise, Articulate Your Distinct Advantages, And Get Fully-Booked With Ideal Clients At PREMIUM Rates — So You Can Take Back Your Freedom & Do Business (And Life) On YOUR Terms.

Together We Will:

✔UNLOCK what makes you unique and help you ARTICULATE your competitive edge in the crowded market
✔Create a CLEAR, authentic marketing message & MAGNETIC content that speaks to your ideal client on a deep level so she can easily say ‘yes’ to you
✔PACKAGE your gifts & expertise into IRRESISTIBLE offers your ideal clients will eagerly buy (at premium rates)

Think of me as part copywriter, part communication expert, part business strategist, and ALL client attraction genius. 😘

Over The Past Few Years, I’ve Observed An ALARMING Trend:

BRILLIANT, accomplished people with impressive backgrounds becoming SLAVES to their jobs, and VICTIMS of corporate

They know there is MORE to life than sitting in traffic, working the 9-5, and crossing their fingers that their job is still there tomorrow…

They know there is more to GIVE, and more to SAVOR

They want to BREAK FREE from their soul-killing corporate job and create a PROFIT from their PASSION…

But when they finally make the leap, they find it difficult to position themselves as an AUTHORITY…

So they get DROWNED OUT in the crowded online marketplace, OUT-SHINED by the mediocre and less talented.


My clients are aspiring, new, and established/evolving life coaches, relationship coaches, health & wellness coaches, spiritual coaches, nutritionists, healers, and other types of consultants and experts from all over the globe.

There Are TWO Ways To Work With Me:

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VIP 1:1 “Clear Message”Coaching

For Established & Evolving Coaches & Experts

In my 12-week, VIP 1:1 “Clear Message” Coaching program, I teach my clients how UNLOCK their unique story, CLARIFY their magnetic marketing message, and create compelling content so they can get FULLY-BOOKED with ideal, premium clients.

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VIP 1:1 “Build Your Business” Coaching

For Aspiring & New Coaches & Experts

In my 6-month, VIP 1:1 “Build Your Business” Mentoring program, I give my clients a CUSTOMIZED BLUEPRINT to PACKAGE  their gifts & expertise, then LEVERAGE their competitive advantage into consistent 5-figure months



  1. Click the green button below to apply for a free, 45-minute “Client Attraction Strategy Session”.

  2. We’ll get on the call and talk about your goals for your business.

  3. If we’re a good fit, we’ll discuss what it looks like to work together.

So Let’s Talk About YOU… 

And What We Need To Do To Get You Fully-Booked…

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Not Fully-Booked? Want To Know What’s Going On?

If You’re Not Consistently Booking Ideal Clients At Premium Prices, You Have A COMMUNICATION Problem…And It’s Costing You Money. (Let’s Fix That.)

When you’re not consistently booking ideal clients, it’s usually a direct result of these two problems:

  1. Your message isn’t clear.

  2. Your offer isn’t compelling.

A CLEAR MESSAGE is how you ATTRACT ideal, premium clients and instantly CONNECT with them.

A COMPELLING OFFER is how you confidently communicate your VALUE in a way that has premium clients paying IN FULL.

Have you ever thought about how much unclear messaging is costing you? Have you thought about how many potential clients can’t hear your offer in the sea of noise online? How many people are passing up your services?

The reality is that every single second you spend marketing your business with an unclear message or an uncompelling offer is time (and money) UTTERLY WASTED…

Because you’re getting DROWNED OUT in the crowded online marketplace…


(Because If Potential Customers Can’t Understand Why They Need Your Services, They Will Not Hire You.)

I know; it’s tough to hear… But you’re not alone…

(95% of coaches & service-based experts struggle with how to talk about their business — and it’s costing them money, too.)

In fact, I’ve been there myself — and I’ve come out the other side…

Now I want to help you do the same in my 6-month, “VIP Private 1:1 Business Mentoring” program…


This Program Is Perfect For You If You Are Seeking Customized Support In How To Package Compelling Offers & Craft Clear, Magnetic Messaging — So You Can Get Fully-Booked With Ideal Clients & Command Premium Fees


  1. Click the green button below to apply for a free, 45-minute “Client Attraction Strategy Session”.

  2. We’ll get on the call and talk about your offers and your messaging (and how they may be keeping you from getting fully-booked with ideal clients at premium rates).

  3. If we’re a good fit, we’ll discuss what it looks like to work together.