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Jenny Oby Consulting
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Free Masterclass For Coaches, Consultants & Service-Based Experts:

The Premium Client Attraction Blueprint

Consistently Attract (& Sign) Ideal Clients Eager To Pay Premium Prices For Your Coaching, Consulting, Or Service-Based Expertise — While Radically Simplifying Your Marketing & Content Strategy


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 In This 45-Minute Masterclass, You’ll Learn:

  • The exact blueprint to begin attracting a steady stream of ideal, action-taking, premium clients who are motivated to get the results you want for them — without spending another dime on paid advertising

  • The 3 “myths” around the coaching and consulting industry that are keeping you from attracting premium clients — and how to dispel these myths so you can start earning

  • Why sharing tons of free content is actually the worst possible strategy for attracting premium clients — and what to do instead to have them asking YOU to get on your client roster, STAT

  • The single most important thing you can do to attract premium clients anywhere, anytime — and how most coaches get this wrong

  • How to radically streamline your business with a simple, tech-friendly, yet powerful client attraction system that pre-qualifies and pre-sells your clients so you can STOP hearing “I just can’t afford it…” on your discovery calls

  • The one thing you’ve been told to do by 95% of the coaching “goo-roos” that is actually repelling your premium clients — and what to do instead to call them in like clockwork

  • How to slam the brakes on the “churning without earning” train and begin consistently locking in $3000, $5000, & $10,000 coaching sales faster than you ever thought possible

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 You Started Your Coaching Or Service-Based Business To Make An Impact (And An Income!) While Enjoying Freedom & Flexibility…

But Lately, Your Business Feels More Like An Expensive Hobby — Or Worse, A J-O-B

You Need To Start Attracting Premium Clients, Stat. (Keep Reading; I Can Help…)

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 Attracting Premium Clients To Your Coaching Business Shouldn’t Be Difficult Or Complicated…

In Fact, You Only Need TWO Things To Call In Premium Clients (And Consistent 5-Figure Months)

1. A Deep, Authentic Understanding Of The Transformative RESULTS You’re Capable Of Delivering For Your Clients

2. The Ability To COMMUNICATE Those Results In A Way That Acts Like A Beacon To Ideal, Premium Clients

Let me guess…you feel like you have those two things covered…

But…if you really had mastered them, you wouldn’t be struggling…am I right?

You wouldn’t be relentlessly trotting the content hamster wheel

You wouldn’t be cranking out low-ticket offers and slashing prices out of sheer desperation

You wouldn’t be terrified to hear, “I just can’t afford it” (again) on your next discovery call… 

Instead, you’d be hearing (over and over), “I’d be an absolute FOOL to hire anyone else but YOU — regardless of price!”

If You’re Wondering, “Where Are The Premium Clients? Where Are My Consistent 5-Figure Months?” — Then You Haven’t Mastered These Two Absolute Basics Of Your Business…

These two things are the absolute FOUNDATION of your business — and if you haven’t yet mastered them, NOTHING ELSE you do will make a difference in attracting clients…

Because you’ll get DROWNED OUT in the crowded online marketplace…

And the premium clients will hire SOMEONE ELSE.

I know; it’s tough to hear… But you’re not alone…

(95% of coaches & service-based experts struggle with how to talk about their business — and it’s costing them money, too.)

In fact, I’ve been there myself — and I’ve come out the other side…

Now I want to help you do the same…

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Hi, I’m Jenny Oby. 

I Help Coaches & Experts Consistently Attract Ideal Clients Eager To Pay Premium Prices — While Radically Simplifying Their Marketing & Content Strategy.

I help them design, build, and grow their businesses by focusing on four key pillars: clear MISSION, clear MESSAGING, clear STRATEGY, and clear VISIBILITY. 

With my help, they learn how to:

Attract a steady stream of premium clients (and cash flow!) through vivid, MAGNETIC messaging
Get out of obscurity and position themselves as AUTHORITIES (even if they are brand new)
Package their expertise & strategize growth in a way that makes sense for THEIR business (NO cookie-cutter coaching from me!).

Think of me as part copywriter + communication expert, part business strategist, part mindset coach, and ALL client attraction genius. 😘

And I’m Here To Help YOU…

If you’re tired of struggling … tired of “churning without earning” … tired of watching others get the premium clients and 5-figure months…

It’s Time To Act…

The very first step you need to take — before you waste one more second or one more dime on anything else in your business — is to understand WHY you haven’t mastered these two foundational steps in your business…and HOW you can master them.

I’m going to help you do that in a free 45-minute masterclass I put together for you, called “The Premium Client Attraction Blueprint”.

I promise you, it will be the most enlightening 45 minutes you spend on your business…

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